"Remarkable! Results undeliverable by Western Medicine. Sheryl’s technique is so much more effective than other acupuncture treatments I’ve had." J.Y., M.D.

I am pregnant with twins!
I truly believe that Sheryl Malin was critical in making this dream come true. After an unsuccessful fresh IVF cycle, I was consulting with my doctor about what I could do to make the next cycle successful. Of my numerous suggestions, the only thing he recommended was Acupuncture. He said many of his patients had success with Sheryl Malin and he advised me to call her. I was a difficult case. I had a tendency to develop fibroids and thus had a huge number of fibroids in the past that resulted in 3 separate surgeries associated with their removal. Yet, with Sheryl’s comprehensive program that includes an individualized plan of treatment, herbs, diet and lifestyle; her expert knowledge of eastern and western medicine; her talent and skills, her flexible availability to fit my cycle; and her caring and compassion, I was able to get pregnant on a frozen embryo cycle. Two embryos were transferred. Both embryos successfully implanted and I am pregnant with twins.
Beyond this amazing result, there are so many things I appreciate about Sheryl. After going through Sheryl’s program, my Estradiol numbers were much better, I did not feel the adverse effects of the fertility drugs that I felt on my first cycle, and the actual transfer was vastly improved. Sheryl also came to the transfer and did pre and post acupuncture treatments. The transfer was much easier than the first one. I felt completely present to take in this momentous event. What a gift.
Lastly, I know my overall health improved quite noticeably. Among many other wonderful benefits, I had the cleanest mammogram I have ever had. Consequently, even though I have achieved my dream of getting pregnant I will now make going to Sheryl a part of my regular health program.

"After attempting to get pregnant for about 5 years and undergoing over 2 years of fertility treatments, I was referred to Sheryl Malin of Symmetry by my physician. It was the best advice I was ever given! I received several treatments, took herbs and Sheryl's recommended diet over a few weeks time, and the following month I was pregnant! We couldn't believe it, we were so blessed. After all those years of trying, dozens of IDI's, a failed IVF cycle, surgery, thousands of dollars spent, you name it and Sheryl was able to help us conceive within a month's time. She even knew we were pregnant before we did! I also had weekly treatments by Sheryl during my first trimester to help with morning sickness and to achieve a healthy pregnancy. I am happy to say, I never once had morning sickness nor any pregnancy complications. After my baby was born, I was having difficulty nursing and Sheryl once again helped with lactation and increasing my milk supply. Sheryl is truly a miracle worker. Thanks to Sheryl, I am now the proud mommy to a beautiful, healthy baby girl. I would refer anyone to her for anything. Sheryl definitely has a gift that can be used by all. Everyday I am so thankful and grateful for meeting Sheryl and the gift she has helped give me and my family."D.I.

"After five years of infertility including at least eleven IUI's and not being a candidate for IVF. That's when we picked up Symmetry’s brochure about acupuncture at our Dr’s office. We did a little research online and seen all the success stories and decided to give it a try. After about 5 sessions of acupuncture we became pregnant, even though that pregnancy resulted in miscarriage. We did become pregnant the very next cycle. Our beautiful girl was born September 4, 2008 Madison Taylor 6 lb 14 oz. This has been a wonderful experience for us, especially after trying to get pregnant for the past 5 years without a single pregnancy. We sincerely believe that your acupuncture was a very key element in us becoming pregnant. We want to thank you again and we are highly recommending you."Kathy & Rob

"Before seeing Sheryl, I had two unsuccessful IVF’s. In addition, I had two IUI’s that resulted in tubal pregnancies. For my third IVF we used my frozen eggs and decided to see Sheryl for treatment. She started me on Chinese herbal formulas and a specific diet for my condition. After ten acupuncture treatments and acupuncture treatments at the hospital before and after my transfer, the IVF was successful. We now have a beautiful baby boy! I am seeing Sheryl and trying to conceive again without IVF. Thank you so much Sheryl." E. Y. and B. Y.

"My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant for over a year. I then started infertility acupuncture treatments with Sheryl. She was knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and successful! I became pregnant with our first child within 3 months of treatment." J.C.

"Sheryl is a professional who has a positive spirit and compassion for her patients. I always feel better physically, mentally, and spiritually after seeing her for a treatment. I struggled with infertility for years before seeing Sheryl. I got pregnant while I was under Sheryl's care and my son is now an active two-year-old. Sheryl helped my husband and I attain our dream of being parents. She is truly an angel and has a special gift to heal others. The diet plan improved my health and feeling of well-being. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my family." Chris Y.

We are trying to conceive. My husband was put on a diet and herb plan. He was able to maintain a very high sperm count average of 40-250 million. He also felt more energy. Before becoming a patient of Sheryl I was very tired, fatigued, and stressed. Sheryl put me on a diet consisting of warm foods and herbs. After a month I found my body feeling lighter with a lot more energy and more relaxed. I also lost a few pounds!
Thanks Sheryl!" D.K. and I.K.

"I noticed marked improvement in my back after the treatments. I was nervous about acupuncture to begin with, but your techniques were efficient and relatively painless. The herbal prescriptions helped as well. I would recommend your services to anyone with lower back pain. Thanks!" Nick C.

"Although I have just recently started treatments with Sheryl, I've already experienced improvement in my energy level and sense of overall well being." W.Y.

"I had a rotator cuff injury from playing softball and, got a shot one day later to relieve the unbearable pain. After a few months of therapy the pain in my shoulder started to get worse. I called Sheryl Malin to ask questions on acupuncture therapy, she said that she could help.Gradually improving after each session my shoulder felt stronger and after & months of treatment with herbs and acupuncture therapy, I can say my shoulder is back to 90% with no pain and I am playing ball again. I would, and have, recommended Sheryl Malin to others for treatment for just about any ailment they have." J.P.

I have been trying to get pregnant for about two years when my doctor had recommended Sheryl to me. First I have to say that I was never a believer in eastern medicine. However, I had been to many doctors without success and felt that I had to give every avenue a chance. The minute I met Sheryl she made me feel so comfortable and confident with my decision. I continued to see her for about six months doing acupuncture along with herbal medicine to nourish my uterine lining. The things I especially liked were her focus on the whole body and soul as well. I truly feel that my body was "fine tuned" and open for future fertility treatments. She gave me recommendations on diet and exercise geared toward creating the optimal environment for an embryo. Finally, she exuded positive thoughts and energy which gave me the confidence I needed to believe that this was going to happen. I did not get this from my other doctors, all I got was the label of "advanced maternal age " and statistics on the low probability of pregnancy. I did IVF at the age of 44 and have a beautiful baby boy! I would truly recommend Sheryl as a skilled practitioner of eastern medicine with a warm nourishing soul! Stay strong and positive that your dream will come true... Mine did!:)